Height Safety & PPE – Scaffolding Harnesses

Height Safety & PPE - Scaffolding Harnesses

At SafeSmart Access, we know how to provide portable aluminium and steel height access products which lead the field in efficiency and safety. But there's more to it. The most precious resource a company has is its people. That's why it is important to make sure that your quality work platforms are also embellished by the use the best PPE height safety equipment possible. Especially with most injuries and deaths occurring because of falls from height. And this is SafeSmart's focus in PPE height safety equipment: market-leading products from the world's most reputable manufacturers that protect people and businesses from injury and costly productivity downtime. From industry-specific helmets to lifelines, anchors to safety hooks, harnesses to lanyards and all associated accessories, SafeSmart only stock the most reputable brands, because those brands' reputations affect ours. From anywhere in New Zealand, if you have any enquiries about this height safety equipment, get in touch with us now.

Our Helmets:

At SafeSmart, we stock high quality and affordable helmets which protect workers from injury in case of fall, or falling objects from above. The SafeSmart range of helmets offers maximum versatility and comfort. Models available provide the seamless integration of ear protectors, protective visors and headlamp holders.

Our Harnesses:

At SafeSmart Access we have a comprehensive range of high-quality scaffolding harnesses specifically designed for working safely at height on scaffolding. Our selection includes a variety of scaffolding harness brands, types and sizes suitable for a wide range of scaffolding industries and applications.
At SafeSmart Access, we understand the importance of safety when working on scaffolding. That’s why we stock scaffolding harnesses that have been designed and manufactured to meet or exceed New Zealand safety standards, ensuring maximum safety and reliability.
Our selection of scaffolding harnesses includes full-body harnesses and harnesses with front and rear attachment points. We also stock a range of accessories to complement our harnesses, including lanyards, connectors, and anchor points.
Whether you’re a scaffolder, builder, or roofer, our range of scaffolding harnesses will keep you safe and secure when working at height. Browse our collection today and find the perfect harness for your job!

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