Alba Construction Hoists – Scaffolding Lift

Alba Construction Hoists - Scaffolding Lift

We are the NZ distributers for Alba Hoists.

Alba Scaffold Hoists are made in Italy and are used in 77 different countries around the world. We offer the full range of both material scaffold hoists and personal hoists that are renowned for their performance, reliability and safety, to meet your lifting needs across various industries. Alba mechanical hoists are robust but easy to install and use on projects. The material hoists are used to lift material vertically in construction and restoration projects and are characterized by their smooth transport and the speed and simplicity of assembly.
We supply a full range of Alba Hoists. Ask us about our other models.

The electronic/electrical components and the motors of all our Alba hoists are manufactured by European-based International brands, also available in North America. All our hoists are made of galvanized steel and comply with the 2006/42CE and UNE-EN 12158 standards.

Whether you require hoists for construction, manufacturing, warehousing, or any other application, we have the perfect solution for you.

The most popular model for transporting scaffolding components is the Alba MC 250 model. This model has a load capacity of 250kgs and is designed to be able to install inside system scaffolding such as Proscaf.

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