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Quality Components for Quality Strength

For edge protection and scaffolding installations, use high-grade steel tube and choose from a wide range of quality couplers and fittings. If your height access equipment was chosen for its high level of safety and robust quality, it makes sense to make sure you don't compromise its integrity by adding parts that aren't up to the same standard. For scaffolding tube and fittings, engage with authority in height access products. For all New Zealand scaffolding and construction companies and other industries, that authority is SafeSmart Access.

Steel & Tube Roofing

With careful sourcing of materials from accredited manufacturers, SafeSmart makes sure that the tubing and couplers supplied are compliant with the most stringent safety standards and will fit your existing system perfectly. For tubing, we offer the highest quality, as well as locally-sourced options, so you have the opportunity to source componentry that will be backed up by Kiwi fabricators.


Standard Lengths and Custom Cuts

No matter which country of origin option you choose, SafeSmart offers tubing to suit just about any scaffolding system in all popular lengths as part of the standard range, from 0.5m to 6.5m lengths. And for more specialised or custom applications, we will cut tubing to any length for an economical fee. Enquire about these services here .

Our Scaffolding Tubes for Sale

When you are working on a job where scaffold expansion is needed, we have all the bits and pieces required for making the connections happen:

• Swivel coupler
• Putlog coupler
• External sleeve coupler
• Base plate
• Plank retaining bracket
• Propping fixed coupler
• Propping swivel coupler
• Beam coupler
• Half coupler
• Jordan coupler
• Butterfly coupler
• Internal sleeve joiner
• Fixed wedge coupler
• Swivel edge coupler
• Twin wedge coupler
• Clampable rosette bolt on
• Ladder clamp

All Over New Zealand

Building in Wellington? A developer in Auckland? Renovation in Dunedin? Wherever you are in NZ, SafeSmart Access service the region. So whether you are looking for a complete scaffolding solution or quality scaffolding tubes and fittings, come to us, the trusted supplier of height access products.

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