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Dry hiring scaffold from Safesmart Rentals is a way to win more jobs and keep projects going up when finance isn’t available to purchase the equipment, or you want to reduce the chance of having unused equipment sitting in your yard.

 Think of it as a tool you can use in your business when the right job or situation arises.


  • When might I consider hiring scaffolding from Safesmart Rentals?
  • You have a project coming up but not enough gear to complete the job, and it is important to keep the client on board because they will be a large account in the coming months or years. You want to avoid the risk of someone else doing the job and potentially losing the client to them.
  • You are trying to get a new client on board, but to do all their work will require more gear then you currently have. They give you an opportunity to do a few projects, but you don’t want to buy the extra gear required in case they don’t give you more work after that.
  • You are wanting to grow and take on more work but are struggling to raise finance from lenders such as banks.
  • The economic outlook is not very good, and you want to avoid spending a lot of cash on new equipment.

How much will it cost?

All gear is charged out as a daily rate per component, from the time you take the gear to when you return it.
The cost of hiring scaffolding depends on the length of time you are planning to have the gear.
The shortest term you can hire gear for is 4 WEEKS.
There is a price reduction if the term is at least 3 MONTHS. Please note that this rate does not automatically apply if a 4 week contract runs over time, it needs to be decided before the contract starts.
There is a further price reduction for a minimum term of 65 WEEKS. For a 65 week contract, the hire rate is calculated from the purchase price at the start of the contract.

What happens at the end of the contract?

We still own the equipment at the end of the hire period. You must return the gear unless you have made other arrangements with Safesmart Rentals.
Other arrangements may include you offering to purchase the gear. In this scenario the purchase price will be the original purchase price + interest less hire payments made, or 20% of the original purchase price, whichever is greater.


What happens if I bring the gear back before the minimum term?

If the gear is returned early, we will bill the contract to the minimum term.
E.g. if you took gear on a 3 month contract and returned it after two months, you would be billed for 3 months.

If you are looking to hire a large quantity of equipment or think your requirements may be specific, please contact your Safesmart representative for assistance.
For further information, we can provide a copy of the complete terms and conditions. You will be required to sign these before hiring any equipment.

We look forward to helping you!



SafeSmart’s Dry Hire service has allowed me to build my scaffolding business with minimal capital outlay - and my monthly payments are tax deductable, aiding cashflow.  It makes good business sense for me to rent from SafeSmart at this point in my business.” – Wiremu Gray, Evolution Scaffolding


SafeSmart Access is not responsible for any incident resulting from the non-compliant use of scaffolding equipment, and strongly recommend review of, and adherence to the PROSCAF SAFETY GUIDELINES, and the Worksafe website before installation and use of the equipment.


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