Height Safety and PPE


Safe at Height

At SafeSmart Access, we know how to provide portable aluminium and steel height access products which lead the field in efficiency and safety. But there's more to it. The most precious resource a company has is its people. That's why it is important to make sure that your quality work platforms are also embellished by the use the best personal protection equipment possible. Especially with most injuries and deaths occurring because of falls from height.

And this is SafeSmart's focus in PPE: market-leading products from the world's most reputable manufacturers that protect people and businesses from injury and costly productivity downtime. From industry-specific helmets to lifelines, anchors to safety hooks, harnesses to lanyards and all associated accessories, SafeSmart only stock the most reputable brands, because those brands' reputations affect ours. From anywhere in New Zealand, if you have any enquiries about this equipment, get in touch with us now.

Aim for Zero Falls with Zero

SafeSmart Access is a proud supplier of height safety and PPE products from Zero. Zero — where zero tolerance is essential — are a Kiwi maker of safety kits, helmets, harnesses and more. In fact, if at height tethering is required, Zero make a product for every connection, according to strict quality control regulations such as ISO9001:2008.

Onsite Safety Audit

SafeSmart's approach to height safety is holistic. From customised work platforms to scaffolding and PPE gear , we understand the height access issues of all industries. For anywhere in New Zealand, our representatives are available to come to site and offer a free assessment of your needs. From there, we can develop a solution that may include a customised solution or something from our existing range, including the compatibility of chosen personal protective equipment.

For Height Access Advice and PPE, Call Us

If you have any enquiries about out onsite services or our PPE range, feel free to get in touch with us now.

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