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No matter what industry you operate in, or around which obstacles you need to work, working at height presents real dangers for physical welfare and productivity.

In addition to our strengths in scaffolding, SafeSmart Access are acutely aware of the risks taken every day by those who just don’t have the ‘right equipment’ for gaining safe and efficient access to heights whilst at work. And for the last 15 years, we have been doing something about it.


When you think there is nothing ‘off the shelf’ you can use to carry out your unique tasks at height, think again. SafeSmart Access have an in-house design team who work with clients from all over New Zealand—and around the world—to create systems that are specially-tailored to suit the size, dimensions and specific nature of every height to be accessed.

Our engineers and designers are well-versed in the needs of every industries’ requirements, from construction to aviationscaffolding to transport, manufacturing to warehousing and retail – every scenario is independently assessed by us for the improvement of safety and efficiency in every work area.


Every custom design that comes through our doors is presented to our clients via drawings, CAD files and compliance information, so you know that your work platform, stairs or any other system is ready to use once built.

With SafeSmart, you control the results, via clear and concise approval processes, from design to manufacturing signoff.


Locally. SafeSmart’s custom platforms are built by New Zealanders for New Zealanders.

Our Northland fabrication plant works every day to produce customised systems of all shapes and sizes that bring hand-portability, durability and time-saving to every work environment.

We can also integrate third-party components into our system if it means you get 100% daily use from it – from hydraulics to electrical systems, additional winches, chutes, patented gate-locking and more.


For anywhere in NZ, SafeSmart has a network of the most reputable freight providers in the nation, ensuring timely and careful delivery. And on sites that require it, many clients benefit from post-sale visits from our representatives who can train your staff in the best practices for using your custom equipment.


Many of what SafeSmart now considers to be our ‘on-range’ or ‘off the shelf’ products started with a client idea born from necessity. That is, a custom idea for one that now benefits many others.

At your worksite, what challenges do you have for safe and efficient height access? Start the conversation with us now, and benefit from Reaching New Heights with us. Get in touch now to discuss your needs.

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