How to Save Time Using Roof Edge Protection on Residential Projects

A fall from height is the most serious hazard associated with roof work. Investigations from the Department of Labour shows that more than 50% of falls are from less than three metres in height and approximately 70% of falls are from ladders and roofs.

Roof edge protection is required by law in New Zealand where a person can fall two metres or more. Using the right system can save you hours of work and reduce the cost of full surround scaffolding on residential projects. Our EasyRail system is the perfect roof edge protection system for residential projects.

EasyRail Roof Edge Protection System | Fast & Easy

For working on roofs of buildings & houses, the EasyRail system by SafeSmart Access provides a simple, lightweight solution that can easily be installed by one person and does not require fixing to the building or house in most cases.

The Easy Rail system is uncomplicated and practical while being safe and compliant. Upright posts are secured to the building using a cantilever bracket that tightens under the eaves onto a solid member. With no bolts required, damage to the facade is avoided, and posts can be easily relocated around the building as required.

Lower, mid and top guardrails are added between the posts using couplers and aluminium tube. The diameter of the tube allows for any Proscaf fittings to attach onto the tube uprights.

The Easy Rail upright posts have spacers every 500mm which is conveniently the allowable distance between guardrails so these can be fitted quickly at the correct and compliant spacing.

The cantilever bracket that fits under the eaves can also be fitted under timber framework which means the Easy Rail roof edge protection system is versatile for use in renovations, new builds, re-roofs, and any other installation work.

The Easy Rail system is Manufactured in New Zealand and is tested and certified to AS/NZS standard 4994:2009.

The system is also compatible with SafeSmart Access Easy Deck Cantilever brackets which can be fitted to the Easy Rail posts at any height to support access platforms and guardrails for facade access below the soffits.

For 2-story buildings easy rails posts can be joined using internal spigots.

The EASYRAIL Edge Protection system has been used and proved by scaffolders for 10 years and we believe it is the most cost effective and efficient roof edge protection system for residential roof jobs on the market.

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