How Our Rolling SmartRoof Helped An Innovative Modular Construction Project

We have recently been involved in the first modular commercial construction project in NZ. This is a 6 level housing project by Evergreen modular construction and Property Partners. We feel privileged to be involved in such a ground breaking and innovative project in NZ.

An advantage of this new innovative modular construction is the offsite manufacturing which is very efficient and allows for a different method of construction – modules made from timber components that are not susceptible to weather can be made indoors and then craned into place.

This is where we were able to add value with our innovative SmartRoof design. We designed a rolling SmartRoof that could open up to drop modules into place and then close over within minutes to protect the project from poor weather. Hear from Jurgens Swiegelaar explain the benefits of the SmartRoof Rolling System below:


We worked with both Build Partners and Affordable Scaffolding to design a system that allows our SmartRoof to roll.

Affordable Scaffolding installed the scaffolding using our Proscaf scaffolding system and we worked with Affordable Scaffolding to present the most effective scaffold solution to build partners. This resulted in a rare and impressive looking build as the scaffold was put up before the building was constructed (dropped into place in this case). Once the scaffold structure was in place it was time to install the SmartRoof.

The SmartRoof is designed to save a significant amount of time when installing a temporary roof. The system is made up of few components that are simple to assemble in comparison to traditional methods. The SmartRoof can be made up on the ground where it is easier to access and then craned into place and secure which is more efficient and safer than traditional methods.
What made this project different was the rolling aspect. This presented a challenge we hadn’t faced before, so our designers got to work. The outcome was a rolling bracket that slides along an I-beam. This then attaches to the SmartRoof which is mounted on top. Check out the video below of Wilbert explaining the different SmartRoof components and how they work together.

The other smart feature of the SmartRoof is the way the sheeting is added. Sheets slide into a keder rail which is easy to install but more importantly can be used time and again on different products unlike shrink wrap. So this is a sustainable temporary roofing system.


We specialize in height access solutions and there is rarely a problem we can’t solve across all industry’s in NZ. Earlier on the project we supplied height access products such as Adjustastairs. These were used for access in a few different areas of the site including access up and down batter. We were also involved in the scaffolding scope and providing Proscaf scaffolding equipment.

If you have a project with a height access challenge then contact us. We have NZ’s Work platform and height access authority for all industries and there’s not many access challenges we haven’t seen.

Our focus is best outcomes for the customer even if that means recommending someone else. Talk to us about your business and we can discuss solving access challenges that are more cost effective, safer and efficient.

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