EZICHEQ Scaffold Compliance Management


EZICHEQ is a smart and cost-effective label, developed in the scaffolding
industry, to attach to your assets. Each label has a unique QR code that
when scanned with a smartphone or tablet will showcase the asset’s unique
information, latest safety records and user details.
Create custom lists to prompt safety checks, geolocate a missing item’s last
known position and receive alerts when a periodic check is due.

  • Maintain your asset register digitally and provide public access to safety
    history for scaffolding sites
  • Receive advance notifications for scaffold erections due for inspection, and automated advice to client of completed inspection and any attention required.
  • Records provide evidence of what was inspected along with time/date, the company/personnel testing, and their qualifications.
  • Geo-locations for all sites to assist inspection planning.
  • Data is securely stored on the EZICHEQ platform for exclusive and ongoing access by you and your staff.
  • Daily checklists for site foreman and electronic hand-over to client.

Mobile testing service, CHECKIT is available for onsite testing, implementation and training

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