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Bridging Between Islands with Adaptaspan

SafeSmart Access were recently involved with a project on Rangitoto Island that was to replace a vehicle and foot bridge. The project was run by CLL and involved the removal of the current bridge due to damage, and the construction of a new one. 

The Challenge:

CLL realised that once the existing bridge was removed, they would have no access between Rangitoto Island and nearby Motutapu Island. With the location of the project being so remote, they would also have challenges with the transport of supplies and machinery.


SafeSmart Access were involved to provide the solution for a temporary access bridge spanning between Rangitoto Island and Motutapu Island. We suggested and supplied the AdaptaSpan temporary Bridging system. This was ideal for the project as the AdaptaSpan products were in stock and came in modules which was efficient for transportation. The lightweight aluminium construction of AdaptaSpan also provided efficiencies with transportation and ease during installation. It was a quick, easy and very cost effective, short term bridging solution in comparison to other temporary bridging methods proposed for the project. 


We offer both rental and purchase options on our AdaptaPanel product. So if you’ve got a project coming up and you need a temporary bridging solution, get in touch. 

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