Ohakea Air Force Base Aircraft Meets Height Access Solution

maintenance stairs on KingAir B250 with yellow handrails

Hawker Pacific’s Maintenance Repair Operations (MRO) contacted SafeSmart Access for assistance with a solution for accessing the KingAir B250 based at Ohakea Air Force Base. The KingAir B250 is the most popular business turboprop in the world providing cutting-edge touchscreen avionics technology, greater passenger comfort and heightened payload options to deliver people to more places in utmost comfort. The cabin measures 5.09 metres long by 1.3 metres wide giving it a total cabin volume of 356.3 cubic feet, comfortable enough for seven passengers with a bag each.

Maintenance staff working on the aircraft needed safe and uninhibited access to the main door and the emergency exit whether it has been jacked at the time or not. In addition to providing a safe access platform from which workers can carry out required maintenance, Hawker Pacific needed the solution to be nimble and efficient to get the job done fast and easily with minimal interruptions.

close up safesmart stairs with yellow handrails

Two Platforms with Approved Efficiency

SafeSmart Access’s internal design team produced the custom design for a pair of helicopter maintenance platforms featuring self-levelling stair access. The clever design, borrowed from the AdjustaStairs in SafeSmart’s standard product range allows Hawker Pacific to achieve access to a range of heights with just two platforms.

The removable guardrails give the platforms more adaptability for accessing all parts of the aircraft and foam buffers provide protection from metal grazing or dents to the KingAir B250 aircraft. The aluminium construction and lockable casters make the two platforms lightweight and portable. A big tick next to nimbleness and efficiency gained while using the platforms for time-critical maintenance processes.

SafeSmart Access is the premiere height solution provider. Whether the solution to your needs comes from our standard product range or something our design team can product, get in touch with SafeSmart Access today.

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