Worldwide Site Safety With Adjustastairs

Workplace injuries are a common concern across the globe. In the U.S, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) states falls and slips account for at least 15% of all accidental deaths. The National Safety Council determined that on an average $ 5.3 million was the incurred cost due to fall from a higher level.  Traumatic brain injuries, hip, shoulder or other fractures are common due to fall from heights, which can result in fatalities.

At least ten people each year fall from a height and die at workplace in Australia and more than 32% such falls result in grievous injury.  In New Zealand WorkSafe report that more than 50 percent of falls are from less than three metres and approximately 70 percent of falls are from ladders and roofs. The cost of these falls is estimated to be $24 million a year – to say nothing of the human cost.

Where standard ladders or equipment fail to provide the level of safety and efficiency onsite, SafeSmart’s very own AdjustaStairs offer the ideal solution.


AdjustaStairs is a revolutionary product designed and made in New Zealand and is compliant with regional safety codes worldwide. AdjustaStairs offer the perfect solution for accessing varying levels of heights at workplace with utmost safety. AdjustaStairs, being portable, have been the most convenient option in a wide array of applications be it in construction to gain access between floors during construction, to access trenches or excavations or in waterways and other logistics, transport industrial domains. Available in high tensile aluminium or fiberglass and in a range of sizes, AdjustaStairs are easily portable around the site and have a range of adjustability from 30 – 45 degrees of slope – making AdjustaStairs a versatile and convenient piece of equipment to have onsite.


AdjustaStairs is compact and is convenient to carry or store. Thanks to the folding handrails and durable yet lightweight aluminium or fibreglass, you can pick it up and redeploy it in seconds.

There is also an extensive range of accessories to choose from to add to the bouquet of benefits from AdjustaStairs. A step attachment makes it easy for you to add 600mm (approx. 24”) of height to your existing unit. Use it as an attachment or use it as a standalone unit!


No matter what your height requirement is, you can gain safe access thanks to multiple options with AdjustaStairs. With a wide range of step counts and length ranges, AdjustaStairs are also available in double-width for easy and safe simultaneous two-way egress and ingress.  Borne from a requirement for AdjustaStairs to be used in the rail industry, standard options now include the Fiberglass unit made for electrically-safe access. These are used widely in areas where aluminium is not acceptable due to the presence of electricity and are available as standard in 6-Step and 7-step sizes.


AdjustaStairs are available for worldwide delivery now. To ask us any questions, contact your nearest SafeSmart Access branch:


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