Truck Loading Access Platforms Meet Safety Standards

As a population, Kiwis are very aware of the range of hazards associated with trucks carrying cargo on New Zealand’s roads, and we understand the importance of these risks being mitigated and reduced as much as possible.  

However, working on and around trucks on worksites and industrial situations poses a unique set of risks that must also be identified and managed.

Most trucks entering construction sites will remain stationary for extended periods while unloading construction materials or loading debris and refuse for removal.  Slips and falls from trucks while personnel are climbing onto decks and loading or unloading can easily be avoided using purpose-designed equipment. Such accidents have been increasing in recent times, so SafeSmart Access is focused on improving safety and efficiency around trucks within the construction industry.

Improving Truck Loading Access

For twenty years, SafeSmart Access has been designing and producing high tensile aluminium mobile platforms here in New Zealand for all industries worldwide. Injury-mitigating features of the company’s SafeLoader truck loading platform include 200mm heavy-duty locking casters for easy relocation around the site. Perforated and swaged decks enhance traction underfoot in wet and greasy conditions, and self-closing swing gates provide hands-free access to the large work surface, while full guard railing keeps workers safe from falls.  Optional 260mm solid rubber casters, machine jacks and custom dimensions are also available.

The clever design of the Truck Access AdjustaStairs provides a convenient fold-flat portable stair with double guardrails and steps that self-level to suit the height being reached.  

truck loading and unloading

Super Maintenance platforms incorporate entry and exit gates and combined with built-in bat-wings, truck edge protection provides full-surround safety, while mounting and working on the truck’s deck.

SafeSmart Access’s products are designed to meet the needs of the local construction industry and the requirements of AS/NZ standards.  These products are available for delivery to Kiwi worksites from SafeSmart’s three locations throughout New Zealand.  Or talk to the SafeSmart team about how they can address your unique height safety challenge. 

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