An Introduction to SwiftStage Modular System


It is a new-generation decking design incorporating a lightweight 18mm plywood deck, locked into an aluminium framing system with deck-locking disks and specialised half-length Proscaf standards. The SwiftStage decking system is then supported by a frame, constructed from standard aluminium Proscaf scaffolding components.

Because SwiftStage is compatible with Proscaf components, the system saves you the additional cost of gear ordinarily required for staging. SwiftStage offers the opportunity to get more financial value from your existing Proscaf gear, by working in the events market with minimum extra outlay.

SwiftStage is an AS1664.2 and AS3990 compliant modular system engineered in New Zealand. The parts that make up the product are outlined below:

● The frame is constructed from high-strength, lightweight aluminium. It comprises of the
connector transom, stage bearer, stage bearer connection and stage locking disks.
● 18mm anti-skid Griptread Latvian Birch plywood decking
● Threaded plug and 0.5m standard
● Deck locking disk
● Locking disk, threaded plug and 0.5m standard


Certified to 5KPA, the staging system is also a great option for birdcaging. A “birdcage”, or independent scaffolding is generally intended for one level of use, and the structure stands on its own. You can use SwiftStage when assembling an enclosed structure for the job. The advantage that SwiftStage offers in this regard is the vastly reduced weight over regular staging and birdcaging structures.

The lightweight construction makes light work of transporting and installing the stage. If you’ve been looking for a less cumbersome birdcaging solution, SwiftStage is exactly what you need.


When evaluating modular platforms, professionals review durability, ease of set-up and use, versatility, high capacity ratings and long working spans. The goal is to invest in a versatile, safe, stable and secure access solution for a range of jobs. SwiftStage, like all SafeSmart Access products, ticks all the right boxes. Not only is it easy to install but also simple to disassemble and utilize for your next project. It disassembles down to a very small area meaning that freight costs, traditionally very high for staging, are drastically reduced. No other modular staging system offers the convenience and cost savings of SwiftStage.

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