Best Practice Using Safety Nets On Worksites

SafeSmart carries a range of knotless, mesh safety nets. Safety nets are an economical and easy way to provide internal fall protection. With any equipment used on the worksite, safety nets must be installed following a set of best practices to ensure they serve their purpose with optimal effectiveness.


Determine where the best anchorage points are while keeping the layout functional and not dangerous to install. Installers take care of the set-up of the net, and also strike it or dismantle it. Ensure any necessary handover documentation is given to the supervisor. Manufacturers supply an instruction manual on how to safely use and install the nets so ensure this is read, understood and adhered to.


The net must be inspected before installation. Care should be taken to look for any signs of weakness or damage. If a net does not pass visual inspection, it must be taken out of service or sent for repair. The labels should be checked to make sure the net has been inspected within the last 12 months. Information is given as to the proper way to attach to the structure. Handover documentation must be handed from the installer to the main contractor or site supervisor, who must keep this information available on the site until completion of the project. Dismantling or striking, must be done only by a trained installer that is able to properly identify and mark any damage.


A rescue plan must be in effect before any work is started. The main contractor or supervisor is responsible for making sure that a rescue plan can be carried out and that each worker knows his part. If possible, do a practice rescue before starting work above the nets.


A visual inspection checklist is included that is used each day before and during use, as well as upon completion of the project. There is also a handover checklist that details what needs to pass inspection before allowing work to begin above the nets.

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