Benefits of Working With Scaffold Towers Instead of Ladders

Scaffolding towers have significant advantages over ladders when it comes to safety when working at elevated heights. They combine the best features of various height equipment and are perfect for completing multiple jobs around a construction site or home. And while conventional ladders usually lack stability or added height, scaffold towers can offer both at the same time.

Here are some other major reasons that make scaffold towers more reliable than ladders:

Enhance safety

Scaffolding towers are significantly safer than ladders because they are equipped with a platform allowing you to move around freely and have all the tools you might require close by. The platform also enables you to leave a tower in place for longer, reducing the hassle of moving and repositioning the platform, thus saving you lots of time. On top of that, the platform minimizes the need for assistance, while with the ladder you often need someone to ensure the base is secure.

Platforms also come with guardrails and safety bars to prevent you from falling off the tower, which enhances its safety even further.

In addition to that, towers are supported on four legs making them free-standing unlike with ladders that would always require some extra support. These scaffold towers’ features allow you to focus more on the job without worrying about falling off.

Improved stability

Scaffolding towers are designed with a durable and strong frame, ensuring reliable support for the platform, tools, and the person accessing the height. They also have a user-friendly assembly process, which is usually outlined in the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

For example, one of the most important steps to follow during the assembly to ensure the stability of the construction is to properly secure the scaffolding to the foundation. You’ll need to make sure it’s firmly placed on the level ground, otherwise you’ll have to employ leg extensions to keep the tower at the right level.

Easy to manoeuvre

Scaffold towers are usually equipped with wheels, allowing the user to change the position and location of the tower efficiently and effectively. The only tip to follow here – before manoeuvring, make sure that the height of the tower isn’t exceeding 4 metres and be aware of possible obstructions both overhead and on the ground.

To make the work even more efficient, look into investing in one of the best types of modern modular scaffolding – the ringlock scaffold system. It enables workers to erect, use, and dismantle a tower quickly and easily, thus greatly saving on labour cost and time.

Highly adaptable

Scaffold towers make complicated jobs such as de-guttering and painting effortless, providing you easy access to difficult-to-reach areas. Having the ability to work easily means that work can be finished faster. And while ladders are definitely useful for small tasks, scaffold towers are the ideal solution for a more professional and robust platform that will make the long and complex job much more manageable.

A ladder is a great tool for quick fixes around the house, or reaching heights for a short period of time, but when it comes to more complicated and time-consuming jobs performed at a high level, it might not be as safe as you think. Scaffolding towers are the better choice for bigger jobs that require safety and efficiency. So, before you start with your next project, both commercial or domestic, remember to make safety your top priority and invest in high-quality scaffolding towers.

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