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adjustastairs vs wooden stairs

AdjustaStairs are used globally on construction sites for a huge range of applications. Having these stairs onsite ready to go reduces the time and cost of building a wooden or scaffold stair.

NEEd proof?

Upon doing some research with a construction company in NZ, we determined that the cost of labour and material in building a wooden stair is more than double the cost of an AdjustaStair in almost every scenario over the course of a project!

Our research showed that the average cost of material and labour for a wooden stair up a 2m face is $2340. 
A 9-step AdjustaStair for the same 2m elevation costs $1259.

that's a saving of $1,081 for a 2m stair!*

So over the course of a project, if 20 stairs were required, the savings could be upward of $20K!
*these numbers are approximate and based off the costings worked out for a 2m stair access.

take away:

Having AdjustaStairs onsite can prove invaluable when access is required quickly. Instead of spending hours constructing wooden stairs or even cutting these out in a batter, an AdjustaStair can be fixed into place in minutes. This minimises downtime and ensures a smooth workflow!

Features of adjustastairs:

  • Lightweight aliminium construction
  • 600mm/1200mm widths
  • Huge range of heights available
  • Portable stairs will self-level to suit the angle required
  • Top and mid landings available
  • Adjustability of the portable aluminium stairs makes them ideal for excavation access, where levels are constantly changing.
  • Much quicker to set up and move than a scaffold tower
  • Don’t require weekly checks unlike scaffold stairs


Stair access up to 4m without a landing. All other sizes available with new pricing! 
AdjustaStair portable stairs

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