Advantages of Proscaf Aluminium over Steel

SafeSmart Access is New Zealand’s market leader in specialist scaffolding equipment and related products. The Proscaf bolt-free rosette scaffold system is the most versatile and flexible scaffolding system throughout Australasia and is the keystone product within the SafeSmart access range.

Now with their extensive years of experience in aluminium engineering, SafeSmart Access has designed a range of high strength, structural grade Proscaf Aluminium components with equivalent dimensions as the original hot-dip, galvanised steel system, making Proscaf, the most revolutionary rosette scaffold brand in New Zealand.

Many scaffolders, particularly those working in the residential market, are now turning to the lightweight aluminium option for ease of installation and transport. When it comes to the efficiency and safety of each individual worker Proscaf Aluminium is the way to go.

Easy to Transport

Lightweight aluminium Proscaf is quicker to erect, demands less wear and tear on workers, allows more components to be transported on a truck, and provides easier access to challenging sites. Aluminium can reduce the strain and fatigue of workers with an increase in the speed of installation by allowing workers to carry more equipment at once with less effort. They are also able to load more equipment into the truck with less risk of overloading and damage to the truck.

Certified for Medium Duty to 20m High

While Proscaf Steel is approved for heavy-duty construction of up to 30 metres, the lightweight aluminium range is certified for medium-duty of up to 20 metres, providing you with a greater return on investment when it comes to lower-level construction projects.

Both Proscaf aluminium and steel range are certified with SafeWork NSW Plant Design Registration and have been independently tested to AS/NZS standards.

Case Study

In a recent case study, Advanced Scaffolding in Auckland compared the output of one of their teams using solely Proscaf steel, to another equivalent team using solely Proscaf aluminium for residential and light commercial market. What they found was that the installation, dismantle and transport visibly cost less with the use of aluminium and included a 7% saving reduction in downtime caused by injury and fatigue. Due to the lightweight properties of aluminium, it was apparent that the operational and labour and cost was lower when using Proscaf aluminium throughout the project.

SafeSmart Access offers a range of high strength structural grade aluminium alloy Proscaf components for purchase, dry-hire or for bulk indent orders. Contact us for more information on how you can procure your Proscaf today.

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