AdjustaStairs Batter Stairs Calculator

The Ultimate Guide to the AdjustaStairs Calculator

In today’s fast-paced construction world, ensuring safety and compliance is paramount. Whether you’re an architect, builder, or homeowner, choosing the right staircase for your project can be a daunting task. Enter the AdjustaStairs Calculator – a tool designed to simplify this process and provide instant, accurate results tailored to your needs.

AdjustaStairs Calculator


Enter the slope of your batter (degrees):

Enter the length of the embankment (meters):

What is the AdjustaStairs Calculator?

The AdjustaStairs Calculator is an online tool that helps users determine the most suitable AdjustaStairs product based on the slope and length of their desired staircase. It not only provides product recommendations but also warns users if their desired slope is outside the recommended range for AdjustaStairs.

How Does It Work?

Input Parameters:

  • Slope: The desired angle of your staircase.
  • Length: The total length of the staircase.
  • Staircase Type: The width of the staircase, either 600mm or 1200mm.


  1. Using trigonometric functions, it calculates the height (A) and base length (B) of the staircase.
  2. Based on the slope, it checks if the angle is within the ideal range for AdjustaStairs (32-48 degrees). If not, a warning is displayed.
  3. The calculator then matches the desired staircase length with available AdjustaStairs products, providing a list of suitable options.


  • The calculator displays the height and base length of the staircase.
  • It lists the recommended AdjustaStairs products based on the input parameters.
  • If the total number of steps exceeds 18, a warning is displayed, suggesting the addition of mid-landings.

Add to Quote:
Users can directly add the recommended AdjustaStairs products to a quote with a single click.

Why Use the AdjustaStairs Calculator?

  • Simplicity: No more manual calculations or product catalog browsing. Input your requirements, and get instant results.
  • Safety: By warning users about non-compliant slopes, it ensures that the chosen staircase adheres to safety standards.
  • Efficiency: With the ‘Add to Quote’ feature, users can seamlessly move from product selection to purchase, streamlining the buying process.

The AdjustaStairs Calculator is more than just a tool; it’s a solution. It bridges the gap between safety, compliance, and user requirements, ensuring that every staircase is a perfect fit.

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