Access Solution For Aviation Engineers Working On AW139

Project Is For PHI (Formerly HNZ)

PHI (Petroleum Helicopters International, Inc.) is an American commercial helicopter operator, founded in 1949, by Robert L. Suggs. The company is based in Lafayette, Louisiana and provides service for the oil and gas industry, aeromedical services, pilot training and aircraft maintenance. With branches in New Zealand, Australia, the Philippines, Ghana, Cyprus and Saudi Arabia, PHI run one of the largest commercial helicopter fleets in the world.

PHI Have An Advanced And Varied Fleet Of Helicopters Including; Sukorsky, Airbus, Bell And Leonardo

PHI contacted Safesmart Access in New Zealand looking for an access solution for their mechanics working on the Leonardo AW139. Their engineers were very specific about what they needed in a platform solution. Aside from the requirement for meeting the ASNZS for mobile work platforms, we worked very closely to ensure regularly accessed service points were within easy reach, designing bracing elements so they wouldn’t block entry or be a hazard. Working heights were critical, so the platform needed to be height adjustable to be adapted to working on different parts of the machine.

Safesmart designers created a modular helicopter maintenance platform with mobile stairs which could be used for multiple access points around the helicopters.

The end result was very satisfactory for both parties. NZ Technical Director Pierre Lavoie said “We found the consultative approach of Safesmart Access very beneficial. We could introduce a new requirement or idea and their CAD designers could make the changes and we would be able to review in a 3D format. The end result was a bespoke unit to suit the working methods of our mechanics.”

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