How do you gain access to an excavation?

Simplify Your Site 4 - One Set of AdjustaStairs, Three Uses, One Project.

During multi-storey construction projects, workers have to deal with a dynamic environment for on-foot height access. Day to day, everything changes. For many companies, workers are made to ‘make do’ with standard ladders and the like for gaining the quickest access out of excavations and between floors. Needless to say, the dangers for falling off or the ladder itself slipping are high when heights change and the angle of the ladder changes.

But SafeSmart Access New Zealand have a better way, thanks to the AdjustaStairs portable stairs system.

The AdjustaStairs system is compatible for use along three stages of a multi-storey project: excavated batter access, concreted basement access and multi-story access. Why? Well, it’s mostly dues to AdjustaStairs’ self-levelling stair treads. To reach higher, of course, the stairs are place more vertically, and the opposite for lower heights. At any angle within a set range, stair treads provide a stable and level place to place feet at all times.

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