How do you gain access to an excavation?

Simplify Your Site 2 - AdjustaStairs

On construction sites across NZ, workers are needing to access trenches and other types of excavations in order to get the job done. Unfortunately, in common use is the common ladder, or even dangerous timber makeshift solutions.

To comply to safety standards, save injury and time on site, there is a better way. And SafeSmart has that way in our AdjustaStairs portable stairs. To find out how AdjustStairs solves the unstable ladder problem.

SafeSmart's AdjustaStairs temporary stairs give you fast and safe height access that is as effective permanently-installed stairs. They are quickly and easily deployed by one or two people, and can accommodate a range of pitch angles, thanks to self-levelling stair treads. And for easy removal and redeployment to another location, AdjustaStairs' collapsible handrails provide compact portability.

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