Covid-19 Status: The Silver Lining

During Level 4 of the Government's measures to contain Covid-19, we at SafeSmart Access and Rentals are focused on what we can control and influence.  That being the care of our own people (who will be cared for financially during this period) and continuing support for you, our customer. We want to make this period and the following recovery as easy as we can.
While our manufacture and dispatch operations have been suspended, all sales, customer services, designers, finance and management staff continue to work from home.  This means that we continue to be available to you and your teams as normal by email, text, WhatsApp, cellphone, or on 0800 000 448.  For a more interactive, face-to-face discussion we can meet on-line using Zoom video meetings.  During this period of physical isolation, rest assured we remain well and truly here for you.

During this coming period we will be ensuring that on return to normalcy our supply chain will be ready for you to hit the ground running and resume business as before.  Any down time we experience as a result of these important measures, we will be using in a positive way to work on how we can continue to improve our service and offering to our customers.  We see this opportunity as one of the 'silver linings' to this passing cloud.

We wish to thank you for your ongoing support of SafeSmart Access.  Please do get in touch with us during this time, and keep yourself and your family safe, well and happy.


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