Oriental Bay Cable Car

The owner of a clifftop house at Wellington’s prestigious Oriental Bay has decided to install a cable car to provide access from the coastal road below. Excavation expert, Quin Wright from Geodrill, was called in to appraise the site.

An area on the immediate roadside 60 metres below the house would need to be excavated for the construction of some garaging and cable car access. But before that could happen, the steep windswept cliff face needed to be sprayed with concrete and installed with anchors to provide resistance strength to the cable track that is yet to be installed.

In order for workers to spray the wall safely and install anchors efficiently, some form of sturdy and edge-protected access was required.  With no significant flat land available at the base of the site, Wellington Scaffolder, Jason Purser used Tube and Clip Scaffold from SafeSmart Access to erect a five-level structure stepping up the acutely steep incline towards the house above.

scaffolding on mountain

Features of Tube and Clip Scaffold

At each level, transoms were wedged into the cliff face, with ledgers and a large wooden work platform added. Diagonal braces were used to add strength to the structure and rakers at each level ensured the weight of the structure was evenly distributed along the narrow surface of the cliff below.

Edge protection was also added to prevent falls while Quin’s team worked from the large stable platforms, drilling cables into the cliff face and spraying the surface with concrete. This will prepare the cliff-face for the excavation required for construction of the 8-car garaging, and secure installation of the cable car.

The flexibility and versatility of Tube and Clip scaffolding components supplied by SafeSmart Access’s Wellington Distribution Centre, allowed Quin Wright to design a clever solution to accessing one of Wellington’s many challenging hillside sites.  This project will ultimately enable transformative access for residents and visitors to the spectacular Harbour Capital property above.

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