EZICHEQ Digital Productivity

As the Covid-19 levels come back down, many businesses are incorporating some of the adaptations made in Levels four and three, as a regular practice. At SafeSmart Access, we have been careful to ensure that any changes made in no way undermine our core values. Specifically, providing a quality product and reliable service; and maintaining our philosophical view that by partnering with our scaffolding customers, we all win.

Efficiency & Scaffold Safety with EZICHEQ

Providing support and assistance to our customers is an ethos that has endured as we eagerly approach Level 1. This is why when we were asked by the developer of EZICHEQ to help bring their new, digital asset management product to market, we jumped at the opportunity. Not because selling twenty-cent printed labels is going to be particularly profitable, but because the system has huge potential to reduce costs and enhance compliance management for the partner businesses we supply.


The product comprises a label printed with a unique QR code and a digital app using a smartphone or tablet. The result is a relatively simple, low-cost solution to the issue that many scaffolding companies are faced with; that of managing compliance of scaffolding and net installations onsite.

The EZICHEQ product was designed and developed by the owners of a New Zealand scaffolding company, who used their time during lockdown to formulate a simple solution to a particular challenge that they were experiencing in their own business. The resulting product saves time, maintains fail-proof compliance and maximises profitability from rental assets.

The EZICHEQ platform allows you to maintain your asset register digitally, and the QR-coded smart labels provide instant onsite access to safety history for scaffolding and netting sites. The system will send advance notifications for scaffolds due for inspection or nets due for testing.



  • Maintain your asset register digitally and provide public access to current safety history for scaffolding sites

  • Records provide evidence of what was inspected along with time/date, the company/ personnel testing, and their qualifications

  • Data history is securely stored on the EZICHEQ platform for exclusive and ongoing access by you and your staff

  • Daily checklists for site foreman and electronic hand-over to client



  • Tag each net and create an electronic register within less than a minute per net using a smartphone

  • Installers and testers appointed by you can record activity directly to your register onsite using their smartphone

  • Test patches can be re-attached for re-use, extending the net’s usable lifetime

  • Customise the data on your register and create checklists to suit your business

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