Event Essentials with SafeSmart

Need to create an event venue that is safe and easy to install? SafeSmart Access brings you a range of modular staging, seating and event accessories that are cost-effective, quick to erect, and safe for performers, guests, and neighbouring properties.

SafeSmart has developed a staging and seating system as well as a roofing system that utilises standard Proscaf inventory, with just a few additional components to complete the system. Scaffolders with Proscaf products now have the opportunity to use it for servicing the event industry, in addition to the traditional construction market.

Get the Party Started

The SwiftStage Event Staging System provides scaffolding practitioners with low-cost event staging solution using Proscaf ringlock scaffold. Combine ringlock components with specialist bearers and transoms and you have the perfect aluminium frame for a safe and sturdy staging platform for presenters and performers. The SwiftStage system has modular components that are lightweight and compact for quick and easy installation and easy storage.

Add to that, the SwiftStand Event Seating System which is sure to be a crowd pleaser. This modular design allows quick and tool-free assembly with its lightweight aluminium material. Each SwiftStand System provides comfortable seating for 20 people within a 9.2 metre square footprint. It has a wide footrest on upper levels and backrest on top levels, all in one single component.

Don’t let rain get in the way of your event. With SafeRoof Temporary Roofing it is the ultimate protection for events as well as for construction projects. Designed and made in New Zealand with independent testing to withstand the toughest of seasons.

The SafeRoof system is a versatile roofing solution for scaffolders, with minimal specialist components required and compatible with rosette and tube scaffold systems. The roof and sidewalls can be contained within one continuous sheet, saving you money and reducing waste on single-use wraps.

All of these Proscaf-compatible systems are available from SafeSmart Access for either purchase or dry hire.

SafeSmart also has temporary fencing for safety and security, and acoustic curtains for noise reduction of up to 43dB. Contact us on 0800 000 448 to discuss how your Proscaf inventory can create extra revenue within the events market.

Why Safesmart Access

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