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safe stairways for scaffolding

When scaffolding size and arrangement permits, SafeSmart recommends to opt to use scaffolding stairs instead of ladders. Using stairways enables the workers easier access to the scaffold and are simpler to climb while carrying equipment. Stairs typically allow the job to be completed quicker because they improve efficiency.
Using stairways could also be safer. Only about 1% of the residential construction fatalities were due to falls on stairs or steps. There are inner and outer handrails and guard rails on each landing to ensure your safety. Many offer a choice of working platforms that provides enough room for movement and work space. The platform stair tower allows access to an adjoining scaffold, or it can also be used as a freestanding structure when secured to a building. Many of these are designed so that the stairs can run in the same or opposite directions, allowing plenty of acess options for tradies moving up and down the scaffolding.


It is important that the stairways are properly placed and installed. Care must still be taken as sometimes there are conditions that can cause a stairway to become hazardous. The surface of the stairs will need to be kept clean and free of slip/trip hazards or material and it is suggested not to store materials on the stairways. Good lighting is also important to help prevent a misstep.

Make sure the equipment is kept well maintained, and remember to work in a safe manner to protect yourself and those around you. The ultimate goal is safety first, then productivity.

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